Kimberly Woods

Working with Tara has been the best thing I could have done for
myself. When I came to her I was a mess. I felt like I was all over the
place and could not get ahead in my business or my life. I wasn’t
stable, I was severely unhappy, I couldn’t focus for longer than a day
on anything, and my business was suffering. I felt worthless and ugly
both on the inside and out. Nothing I was doing was working. Since  Tara started working with me there have been dramatic and vast improvements. Tara is respectful of my needs and went slow for me and did not push me in a way that would be detrimental to my progress. We started with the Root Chakra which was interesting as the way my body responded at first was something I never experienced before.
had a hard time with the tones at first but I quickly adjusted and settled in. I began to feel grounded and stable within days. I didn’t feel like I needed to run away from life. I started making more jewelry and progress in other areas of my life. I also started to sleep a bit better and let go of some of the things that were not conducive to the life I wanted. When we began to work on the Sacral Chakra the tones, again, the tones seemed to be changing in my head but not in the video. I did notice that when I activated my happiness I began to smell noodles. It was an interesting way to find out what makes me happy. I went and ate them that day. I also felt ok to ask the universe to remove all the people who were bad for me and only allow those who have my best interest at heart. It has been awesome. The way I felt just from having these two chakras in line has been amazing!
We just finished up the Solar Plexus Chakra which Tara allowed me to take an extra week to complete as I felt I needed more time on it. Thru that time I rebranded my business, let a lot of people and material things go that were cluttering up my life, organized a craft fair at my business, found the perfect place to move, rekindled some relationships that were injured, improved my outlook on life, and most importantly, the love I had for myself when I was really young has returned and continues to grow on the daily! Thank you Tara for everything you do! I look forward to working thru the other 4 chakras and being whole again!

Rhonda love

Tara did a reiki session for me and the next morning I woke up feeling this burst of energy and positivity. I was really impressed with the report Tara sent and how relevant it was to me. I loved how she explained in her report what she focused on and what symbols she used. Thanks Tara for this gift! 


Tara did the Reiki session hours before I brought my dad’s urn to the Columbarium. Weeks before that I was having all sorts of emotions because I felt bringing my dad’s urn there would mean not having his physical manifestation (urn containing his ashes) at home. There were days when I felt I have already accepted the fact that he’s gone and there were days I was in denial. The session made me feel centered and grounded that day. It was inevitable that I cried but overall, I was calm. I was able to go on with the rest of my day with inner peace and acceptance. That to me is a big deal because I now have to take on my dad’s role and I wouldn’t be able to do so effectively if I stay in denial about his loss. Thank you, Tara! Thank you for the gift of healing.  

Debra. F

Tara is amazing! When we first spoke and I told her what I thought I needed in order to move forward on my next chapter – she listened and asked me some questions that made me dig deeper and she was able to give me direction, assignments and solutions to areas that were frustrating in my life. Her solutions were brilliant, simple and easy to implement. At 57, I am now moving forward with a strong direction in all areas in my life and have the tools to keep going no matter what speed bumps life gives me. Thank you Tara!!!

Thank you for all the love for my Book!!!

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