My experience comes from my own trials & implementation, along with the other professional women I have worked with. I value my personal, family and professional life.  I believe in self reflection for personal growth & improvements.  I would never ask my client(s) to do anything that I would not be willing or have not done personally first.  I also never tell a client what to do but I definitely “make suggestions “.

I’ve  often made my biggest leaps in life after a challenging life event. In 2020 I lost both my grandmothers, both lived into theirs 90’s.  It got me thinking about how I could help other women avoid making choices in life that would lead to them putting their self on the back burner and make their self care a priority.  That lead me to writing my book “Inner Change Outer Change” (self care guide).

I remember a time when I could only fall asleep to noise (tv, radio, talking on the phone).  I’d literally have to be at the point of exhaustion to fall right asleep or I’d toss & turn endlessly replaying any scenario, that would pop in my mind over & over again….. constantly judging myself & others as well.

There had to be a better way…. so I decided to take action. I decided to work on myself in all areas of my life.  I focused equally on 3 areas to start & then kept dissecting them into additional sub categories I could tackle 1 at time or simultaneously.  It started with my mental, physical & spiritual wellness & expanding into my emotional & intellectual wellness as well.
That’s was what inspired me to create my specific coaching programs to help other women with their personal wellness & help them stop their inner critic (self sabotage).  Most of the ambitious women I know often are so busy taking care of everything, everyone else and multitasking along the way, they often completely forget about themselves until their internal diss ease can no longer be ignored.

My approach is to make self care a priority before diss -ease leads to a real physical, mental or spiritual disease.  Once you learn & apply how to silence the inner critic within and learn how to energetically balance & align your body, you will be able to forever stop any self sabotage.

So take the first step and schedule our call today.