Are you ready to change your Life & Business ???????

Reiki Master

Tara Aytes

Tara is a certified Reiki Master, Author, Knowledge Broker, Mom, mindset & life coach. She now lives in upstate, NY.

Tara is all about change and believes that you can change almost anything in just 30 days. Back in Dec. 2019 (pre-covid) she had a quirky idea to start hosting recurring 30 day challenges for self improvement (mentally, physically & spiritually).

Tara’s life mission is to help elevate humanity by helping women raise their vibrational frequency. She gives you easy, practical life techniques to help you succeed and have lasting change & growth.

How May I help you??

Service 1 (4Weeks)

Ease & Freedom 30 days (4 weeks)
Designed specifically for the busy woman that wants and needs to get stuff done NOW!
Kick-start your journey and feel free, focused and fearless, ready to tackle anything!
**Plus as a bonus you have all your business Chakras aligned.

Service 2 (6Weeks)​

Is all about discovery & mindset shifts.  We pick a max of 3 specific goals you’d like my help with.  We remove any limiting beliefs directly effecting or causing interference with you accomplishing the specific goals. 
We create a custom game plan with accountability and action steps to prepare you for the success of the goals selected.

Service 3 (8Weeks)​​

Dive deep into yourself and rediscover who you really are. Get aligned and awaken to your new reality. Learn how to silence your inner critic. This is for you if you are looking to build a really strong foundation and want it all!  Create a personalized action plan that energizes you, that excites you to get out of bed in the morning.